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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wipocalypse for February

It's a darn good thing this is leap year.  I barely made my post this month.  Eek.  So just a quick update.  Until just the last week I have had some health issues that made sitting up and stitching uncomfortable.  So a little stitching and more knitting was accomplished.  I was also stitching on a couple of commissioned pieces of WiseWoman which are not on the Wipocalypse. 

But, I did some work done on Snapperbets:

For knitting projects, I finished a Cambria Shawl:

And, I'm almost done with a Hillflowers, just 9.5 repeats and a join and this one will be done:

Onward into March!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Lists

I only have two resolutions for 2012.  One is to floss (very successful so far on this one) and the other was to cut back on unnecessary lists.  I'm doing well on that one too.  But some lists just need to be made.  As you know from previous posts, I have cherry picked my WIPs for the 2012 Wipocalyspe.  These are the projects I most want to finish this year. But in the name of complete disclosure and also so I don't forget, I have decided to list all WIPs, kitted projects and partially kitted projects, stitching, knitting and quilting.

WIPS - included Wipocalypse 2012 item...

1.  Mr. Baron Von Bat - Blackberry Lane
2.  Lord's Prayer - My Big Toe
3.  Brandon - Stitchin'spirations
4.  Postage Stamp Quilt
5.  Christmas Bear Claw Quilt
6.  Hillflowers Shawl
7.  Fan Shawl
8.  Protection - HAED
9.  Lessons in Life (Big Zipper) - Bent Creek
10. Paphiopedilum - The Silver Lining
11. Heavenly Grace - P. Buckley Moss
12. Fairy Godmother - Lavender and Lace
13. The Dreamer - Mirabilia
14. Mind if I Hang Out - HAED
15. Snapperbets- Bent Creek

Partial Kits - these lack fabric and, since, I am on a stash down this year, I may or may not get to these...

1.  Be Not Forgetful - My Big Toe
2.  Hanging Gardens of Semiramis - Chatelaine Designs
3.  Acorn Hill - Little House Needleworks
4.  Work of Christmas - My Big Toe

Complete Kits - Got it all, just no stitching.  Just a note, I am including all my HAED as complete kits since I have DMC out the wazoo and over a yard of appropriate fabric. 

1.  Baby Burrowing Owl - Tanja Berlin
2.  Stitching Santa - Sue Hillis
3.  Pretty Pumpkins - Glendon Place
4.  Spring Morning - Chatelaine
5.  Celtic Banner - Butternut Road
6.  Evangeline - Lavender and Lace
7.  Spirit of Winter - HAED
8.  Tending the Dragon's Sleep- HAED
9.  Fragile Story Keep - HAED
10. Waiting for Neptune - HAED
11.  Sol - HAED
12  Morning Rose - HAED
13. Magical Arrival - HAED
14. Touched by Magic - HAED
15  Winter Queen - Mirabilia

I think I have a HAED issue but it's all in good fun, yes?  I know other projects will crop up during the year.  So I'll just face those as they come lol....

Saturday, January 14, 2012

January WIPocalypse Update

Well, finally, here's my update for January WIPocalypse.

Here's Bent Creek - Love

Then Heavenly Grace - P. Buckley Moss

L&L Fairy Godmother

An Orchid by Silver Lining:

Protection I frogged everything and am starting over so pic on that one until next month.  May I Hang out is kitted only and has been for a long time so I count that as a WIP, so pic on that one next month too. See you next month with a progress update.