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Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 2009 - New Goals

Most people make resolutions in January. I've always been a late starter. So new resolutions for 2009 are made in February. I just started a new diet with my cross stitch group- a stash diet. I don't think this is going to be a easy as it sounds. So here is what I have resolved to complete. I will post pictures and updates here to share with my stitching friends.

Heres the list:
HAED - Protection just started
Lavender and Lace - Fairy Godmother 20% done
Bent Creek - Snapperbets 1
Gathering Place - Night Creatures
Chatelaine - Spring Morning
P. Buckley Moss - Heavenly Grace 50% done
Raise the Roof - Peter's Cotton Knits
Raise the Roof - Pushing up Daisies
By the Bay - Gathering Place Sampler
By the Bay - Miss Fiona's Rose Garden

I have other projects in the works and I will keep working on them but they are not going on this list since I won't finish them any time soon.


  1. Great start on your blog! Can't wait to see it when you add pictures

  2. Great Goals Leslie. I have Protection as well