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Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's March

Well, okay is has been March for a few days. LOL. And a busy March it has been. I wouldn't mind if it would slow down just a little bit.

Both my DHs and my cars went kaput and we ended up having to get new ones. We didn't really want to but when the transmission goes (mine), it really isn't work fixing. Thank you to a friend who helped us out with financing. Of course, it rains - well you know that old saying. Two days after signing the papers on the cars, I lost my job. So, I am out hitting the job market and the choices are slim. We have a few more things going on, but I won't whine anymore.

But now I do have more time to stitch LOL. I have gotten one of my stash diet done the snapperbet part 1. I am working on pushing up daisies and should have that done by early next week. I think I will pick up one of the bigger projects after that. Now that I don't have access to my work computer, I have to figure out another way to get some photos on this site. I will have to talk to DH. He is the computer whiz and can help me to figure it out.

I hope everyone has had a great beginning of March and I will post more later.