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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finally, I post Something!

I can't believe I haven't posted since June 1. Egad! I think it has been just too hot and I am just not motivated. But I have a been busy. I have my craft room about half done. I never knew I had so much STUFF. I am not sure where it is all going to go. lol

I have a couple of finishes this month. Finally finished the french knot bunny tail on Miss Fiona Rose Garden by By the Bay.
I have worked on a couple of Halloween projects and finish a special one by La D Da:

I have a couple more in progress that I need to finish but I little at a time...

I recentlly I took up yet another hobby. Knitting. I am really enjoying this and, of course, I want to make the most complex projects. lol. But I have finished a simple knit scarf and neckwarmer. I know , I know, its hot in Texas but it's the process of learning a new craft.
I make it a goal this month to post more often, cross my heart!