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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!

Okay, so in a senior moment, I actually forgot I had a blog... It just seems that I have been so busy but if you asked me what I have been doing, I don't think I could tell you. However, Susan told me I needed to update my blog and she is so right. Thank you, Susan. (you know which one you are)

I have my DH taking pictures of the projects I have been working on and I will post those later but I thought I would just update a little.

A really enthusiastic group of stitchers of all types have been working diligently to get our local chapter of the Embroiderer's Guild of America up and running. The local chapter here in San Angelo, Tx has finally be approved and we are full fledged member of the EGA. We are called the Concho Pearl chapter, named after a special gem found only in a certain mollusk in the Concho river. It's kinda purpley-pinky and it is really pretty.

My sister in law, as some of you know, is in a nursing care facility with early onset dementia from Frontal Temporal Atrophy. She just had her 60th birthday. We recently moved her to a more specialized facility with an Alzheimer's unit. She is so much happier there. It is quieter than the regular nursing home she was at before and all the patients have similar issues so the staff can really focus on their needs. It was interesting to see the piece on CBS Sunday Morning last Sunday about the rise in Alzheimers and dementia related diseases, especially early onset. I had no idea how prevalent this was until it happened to us.

I am a recent Weight Watchers convert and things are going well in that area. I turned 50 this year, got on the scale and went "Crud!" (or words to that effect!) . So I tried the one program I hadn't tried and have lost about 15 pounds so far.

I have been stitching away and knitting now to. I will post pictures and try to be better about updating here.

By for now!