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Monday, June 1, 2009

June goals and May revisited

Wow, June is here. That means its summer. How did that happen? I got a number of things done in May, stitchy and non-stitchy so I feel like it was a good month. I was a little ambitious in setting my stitching goals so I plan on being a little more conservative this time - snicker!

For stitching this month I am going to finish a couple of works in progress, get some work done on a Bap or two and get some of my pieces framed. I also volunteered to help get an EGA chapter started in my area, so if anyone has had experience with, your thoughts are most welcome. I also need to get my crafting room set up. Lots to do!!


  1. Sounds like fun. I don't do that much needlework, but you can count me in! I do need to cross stitch more:)

  2. Hi Leslie....So glad to see you on Ravelry. Your cross stitch is amazing. Hope you are enjoying learning to knit. Visit my blog sometime....some fun stuff on knitting.

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for visiting my blog (Lonestar Stitcher). LOVE your stitchy goodness here! So many pretty pieces! Have fun setting up your craft room and I hope you share your pics with us! I'm still working on mine!